Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Grounds June Opening One of a Kind

Fresh new monotypes and monoprints by Mary Sundstrom and Pamela Wesolek

My name is Shelby and I am an intern at New Grounds. Every week I come and help out with the daily happenings around the gallery such as cleaning, paperwork, hanging, etc. Last night was the double opening for the New Grounds exhibit “One of a Kind-Monotype/Monoprint Exhibition” and “Touch/Tone” in Matrix. The exhibition in New Grounds highlighted monotypes and monoprints to demonstrate the individuality of these types of printmaking. The turnout was good with people staying for long periods of time to observe the work on display. I appreciated the vastly different styles of all the monoprint and monotype artists that were on exhibit. One of the highlights of the night was the demonstration by Mary Sundstrom which explained the difference between these two types of printmaking through a monoprint and a monotype of eggplants. A monoprint is made with a matrix that can be reused however not to produce identical results. A monotype is made with no permanent marks on the matrix so that the piece and the matrix are completely unique. This was an educational experience not only for me but I think for many of the others who came to the opening. The conversation around the pieces was centered on the technique used and also the variety of different styles between the artists. In my opinion the opening was a success because it not only exhibiting different styles but also educated on the differences in monotypes and monoprints. The “Touch/Tone” exhibit in Matrix was also very interesting because William Ruller, Susan Reid, and Saul Hoffman addressed texture and color in very different ways. Many people were drawn to this exhibit because the pieces were unique in the way they tackled texture through their technique. The bold colors and unusual textures were very appealing to the audience that came last night. The double opening at New Grounds and Matrix was very successful and I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits.

Work by Kendall Murakami and Mary Sundstrom

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