Wednesday, June 10, 2015

One of a Kind - Monotype/Monoprint Exhibition, Opening Reception

A viewer admiring the work of Pamela Wesolek

First Friday, June 5 marked our latest print exhibition opening: One of a Kind - Monotype/Monoprint, which featured lush new work by a diverse group of New Grounds artists, including: Pamela Wesolek, Mary Sundstrom (Local Treasure), Dan Noyes, Shirley Levy, Bruce Carpenter, Ren Adams, Jorge Tristani, Jessica Krichels, Sarah Anderson, Elaine Soto, Krista Barrett and Kendall Murakami.

The exhibition celebrate monotypes and monoprints--and the fascinating difference between them.  

Monotypes are often confused with monoprints although both of these processes are very different from each other. Monoprints are printed from plates which contain permanent information and theoretically can be repeated and editioned. Monotypes, invented by the French Impressionists, are unique images created from blank plates where the image consists entirely of ink which has been added, removed, or otherwise manipulated on the plate.  The results are spontaneous, gestural and very painterly one-of-a-kind works of art which fall into the printing category because the image has been transferred from a printing matrix to paper using a printing press. Given those parameters, there are as many different looks to monotypes as there are artists. This show of monotypes and monoprints by New Grounds members intends to demystify the difference between these two different animals once and for all.

Mary Sundstrom preparing for her demo

Mary Sundstrom, local treasure, also provided a fabulous printing demonstration, demystifying the difference between "monotype" and "monoprint" by showing each kind of piece actively being inked and printed. Mary used Akua Monotype Inks, our preferred, water-based (non-toxic!) printmaking ink.

Mary Sundstrom's palette of Akua inks

We'll be sharing our video of Mary's demo shortly! Keep your eye on the blog.

Mary also teaches monotype classes through New Grounds. 

Viewers and artists mingle!

New works by Shirley Levy

Admiring the exhibition

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