Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July First Friday Exhibition - Explorations in Gravure

Viewers enjoy a selection of Lincoln Draper's single-plate gravure prints.

On July 3, New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery hosted a First Friday reception, which featured a great new exhibition of gravure prints by Lincoln Draper, Fransisco Valenzuela and Jessica Weybright.

The exhibition, Explorations in Gravure - 19th Century Aesthetic, 21st Century Technology, runs through July 31. 

Works by Jessica Weybright (L) and Fransisco Valenzuela (R)

In this particular exhibition, we juxtapose various approaches to gravure, centered on landscape. Our three artists are examples of single plate, duo tone and full color gravure.

Lincoln Draper evokes the many moods and feelings of New Mexico through rich, traditional black and white imagery. His single-plate approach references a classic 19th century aesthetic. 

Lincoln Draper with one of his prints,
contemplating my iPad photography 'skills.'

More of the crowd enjoying Lincoln's work (that's Jessica Weybright, too!)

Lincoln also gave a single-plate gravure demo. You can expect the demo video soon!
He demonstrated inking, wiping and printing one of the pieces featured in the exhibition.

Lincoln Draper's demo station
Lincoln Draper's Narrow Crossing

Fransisco Valenzuela uses the principle of duo tone by printing two plates, almost alike, and almost in the same hue, with the first one light and the second plate saturated. The result is a richer finality than printing the same plate once, bringing his world to life. 

Fransisco Valenzula's San Lorenzo de Picuris

Jessica Weybright’s colorful, layered multi-plate works document a romantic vision of her travels through Asia. Using multiple plates gives Weybright’s work a vibrant sense of transparency and movement.

Tanya Beth, Ken Murakami and Lincoln Draper

Multi-plate gravure by Jessica Weybright

Regina Held, Fransisco Valenzuela (R) and other guests

It is important to understand that gravure is not a means of reproducing existing photographs or drawings.  Photographs that will become the base for the photo etching usually need to be shot and developed differently than for photographic prints. The advantage of photo etching is its flexibility, which allows artists from varied backgrounds such as photography, computer graphics, and drawing to create hand printed limited editions. There is no limit to color, plates can be wiped in any one ink, several plates can be printed on top of each other, subtle shading can be achieved with selective wiping or chine collé, and gravure can be combined with any other printmaking techniques. The limit is the artist’s imagination.

Hong Kong Love Song II - Jessica Weybright

While in photography a negative is exposed directly to light-sensitive paper, in photogravure the image is exposed to a light-sensitive plate from which the image is then hand-printed on paper using an etching press. It is this particular detail that places gravure into the realm of printmaking.

Photogravure – which precedes photography - was revived in the mid-90s with the introduction of safer, light-sensitive polymer films and plates adapted from the circuit board industry. The image is generated by exposing a photo positive to a photo polymer plate via a high powered light. Usually, artists need to do extensive testing to determine the exact exposing time for each image. The exposed plate is developed in water and can be printed almost immediately.

Viewers enjoy the work of Lincoln Draper

Tanya Landin and Jessica Weybright

Want to learn gravure yourself? We offer classes!

Miss the opening? Don't worry. The exhibition runs until July 31. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Call for Entry - International Juried Print Exhibition 2015

New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery is inviting all printmakers to submit work for our 3rd International Juried Print Exhibition to be held at New Grounds from December 3 to December 26, 2015, with a reception December 3, 5 – 8 pm.
Founded in 1996, New Grounds Print Workshop is one of the first completely non-toxic printmaking facilities. The award-winning studio offers access to printmaking equipment and year-round classes.  Connected to the workshop is New Grounds Gallery which features artists working at New Grounds Print Workshop and a selected group of printmakers from Europe, Japan, New Zealand, India and Mexico.
First prize - Solo Show at New Grounds in 2017, gallery representation and artists’ page on gallery web site. Representation may be offered to more than one artist. Awards will be announced during the opening reception.
Entry deadline:
Entries due by midnight on September  1, 2015 via e-mail:
Artwork submissions:
Each artist can submit up to 3 works of art – they must be original, two-dimensional, traditional printmaking techniques, or a combination of printmaking techniques, created within the last 3 years. No photography/no digital images/no giclée reproductions.
Maximum Paper size: 16 x 20”
Maximum Image size: 10 x 12”

Jurors: Regina Held, Director of New Grounds and Wesley Pulkka, artist, art critic, writer.

Regina Held:  Originally from Germany, she received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Masters in Fine Art from the University of New Mexico. In addition, she completed the summer program at the Tamarind Institute of Lithography. Held’s work has been exhibited in the USA, Mexico, and Germany. She is the founder and director of New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery, New Mexico’s only membership-based, professional, non-toxic printmaking facility. Held is co-author of New Grounds - The Manual For Non-Toxic Etching.

Wesley Pulkka:   Artist, writer and critic Wesley Pulkka earned his BFA, MFA and PhD degrees majoring in sculpture, art history and the history of symbolism and sacred art. He’s written columns, feature articles, artist profiles and critical reviews for the Albuquerque Journal, Architectural Digest, Art Santa Fe, Elevation Magazine, Ministry and Liturgy Magazine, The Santafean, Santa Fe Trend, the Collector’s Guide and other publications. His artworks have been exhibited at the Albuquerque Museum, Baltimore Art Museum, Corcoran Gallery, Harwood Art Museum in Taos, Johns Hopkins University, Matrix Fine Art, Seattle Art Museum, Yale University and many other institutions and private galleries. 

All selected works will be archivally framed and displayed in New Grounds Gallery. There is no cost to the artists.

Entry Fee: Non refundable $30
 All submissions must be accompanied by a non-refundable entry fee of $ 30. This fee covers return postage of your work, administration and exhibition costs.  This entry fee can be paid by Pay Pal, check, money order, wire money, or credit card.  Pay Pal is our preferred method of payment, but we are flexible. For PayPal, please send the payment to our email address,
How to Submit Entries for Jurying (by September 1, 2015):
  • Entries must be submitted in digital form, by email.
  • Up to three (3) works may be submitted by each artist.
  •  Digital images submitted should be 300 dpi JPEG format, measuring 6 inches on the long dimension, and set to RGB.
  • Each file should be named as follows:  Last Name, First Name, Title of piece.jpg.
 For example:  Anderson_Tim_Waves.jpg
  • Entries should be emailed to Entries must arrive by midnight on September  1, 2015
  • The Subject line of the email should read International Competition and your last name.
  •  In the body of the email please include for each image submitted:
File name
Image size (Height by Width)
Retail Price (Please note that the gallery takes 50% of the retail value)
For example: Anderson,Tim,Waves.jpg ;  
Title: Waves, Image Size:  8X12, Medium:  Etching and aquatint, Price: $150

In addition, in the body of email provide your address and phone number.
If you choose to pay with your credit card, please provide your credit card number with expiration date. You can also call us with your credit card information if you do not feel comfortable sending it via email.

Commission on sales:
      New Grounds will retain 50% of the retail price and the artist will receive 50% of the retail price.
Payment to the Artist:
Within thirty (30) days of the end of the exhibition, it shall be the responsibility of New Grounds to make payment via check or Paypal.

Use Rights:
By submitting for jurying, artists whose submissions are chosen for the exhibition grant New Grounds the right to use their images for the purpose of marketing the exhibition. Artists grant the use of their image(s) as stated without further contact or compensation. Artist’s recognition is provided with use.

Artists will be contacted by e-mail with results of juror by September 23, 2015

Accepted Works: Must arrive at New Grounds Gallery between October 15 and November 15, 2015
  • Accepted works need to be shipped: unframed, un-mounted, signed with artists name, title, year and numbering, in a mailing tube- no exceptions. No substitutions for accepted artworks.
Ship to:
New Grounds Gallery
3812 Central Ave. SE #100B
Albuquerque, NM 87108

·         Artists are responsible for shipping and insurance costs during transit. International work should be shipped by postal service:  please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping. All international artists must write ‘Printed Matter – No Commercial Value’ on the package.  Please send in reusable mailing tube.

·         Insurance
All received work will be handled with maximum care and will be insured for wholesale value while on gallery premises.  Works will be returned at the galleries expense.