Sunday, June 9, 2013

Photo Gravure Show and Demo,

Standing in the entrance to the New Grounds gallery is the majority of the female staff. 
From left to right, Gallery Assistant Tanya, new intern Shaina, Director Regina Held, New intern Dakota, and myself, intern Kaitlin Reese.

Guests stand and admire photogravures made by New Grounds artists. Along side the framed final pieces are original photos, transparencies, individual proofs, and exposed photo polymer plates that illustrate the many steps that are nessisary to complete the work of art.

New Grounds member and Matrix artist Phil Peterson and his Wife Holly stop to admire work by fellow member Jessica Weybright.

Tanya Landin greets and informs guests in New Grounds.

Artists Jacqui Lewnes and Jeff Simpson stand and chat inside the studio.

Artist Ray Masman's group of teenagers pose for the camera.

Matrix artist Susan Evans talks with Director Regina.

Jessica Weybright takes a quick picture with me before her demonstration of photogravure! To watch the demo click the links below.

Please be sure to join us for the next opening!