Thursday, October 15, 2015

Krista Barrett Multi-Plate Etching Video

Krista Barrett's glowing personality and playful prints made for a great demo

On First Friday, October 2, 2015, New Grounds hosted an exhibition opening for printmaker Krista Barrett's newest series - Portals - Mixed Media Prints by Krista Barrett. 

During the opening, Krista provided a fun, multi-plate etching demonstration, where she discussed her inking, registration and printing methods, as well as the playful way that she creates rich monoprints from a selection of plates cut to identical sizes. Krista inks each plate differently each time, then combines them in diverse ways, to create entirely unique 'portals' into new, colorful spaces.

Krista inks up the second plate using Akua non-toxic intaglio color
We have cut Krista's demo into a short video, viewable on our YouTube Channel (or view it below!).


Krista shows her book full of 6 x 6" plates

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Portals - Mixed Media Prints by Krista Barrett, Exhibition Opening

Viewers admiring Krista Barrett's new work

On First Friday, October 2, 2015, New Grounds Gallery hosted an artist reception and exhibition opening for Portals - Mixed Media Prints by Krista Barrett. 

Work by Krista Barrett, installed in New Grounds Gallery

Work by Krista Barrett, installed in New Grounds Gallery

Krista Barrett’s layered, mixed media prints investigate portals and doors as a metaphor of transformation, change, new opportunities and beginnings. They celebrate that change is the only constant and is inevitable. It offers as many surprises as her subtly colored, detailed, one of a kind prints. 

Her intimate pieces offer viewing pleasure. 

Each 6 x 6" piece is made up of layers of etching and gravure imagery

Krista Barrett's etching demo was lively and inspiring!

Krista's demo station, with one of her many plates

Krista also gave a demonstration of her inking and multi-plate printing. Because her process often requires a number of layered plates, including copper etchings and gravure, and can take many hours to complete a print, Krista featured a few highlights and discussed her overall approach. 

You can expect a video of Krista's etching demo on our YouTube channel this month.

Viewers getting a closer look

The artist, Krista Barrett, entertaining friends and fans during the opening

Krista has shown work internationally and her pieces art part of several major collections.

Krista says of her work:

Making art is a playful process which allows me to explore my inner world more deeply and encounter the unexpected – both within and beyond myself. As I work, consciously planned elements combine with unconscious, unpredictable lines and shapes. This interaction allows me to explore spontaneity while cultivating structure and purpose.
Combining gravure and etching allows me a greater range of expression. Most of my prints are a combination of etching, gravure, monotype and mixed media. Etching on copper is my favorite technique as it allows me to combine various elements while also reflecting multiple layers and details. I etch lines and textures onto the copper plate using techniques similar to drawing and collage. I then print a working proof, which informs the next step of the process. Ideas emerge about what lines, textures or colors may enhance or develop the image. I repeatedly cycle through this process, refining the plate until the image feels complete.

Krista Barrett 

Delicious treats were provided by the Swiss Alps Bakery,
in honor of the Etsate of Amir Espat exhibition, which was featured concurrently in MATRIX

Delicious treats were provided by the Swiss Alps Bakery, 
in honor of the Etsate of Amir Espat exhibition, which was featured concurrently in MATRIX

Did you miss the opening? Don't worry. You still have the chance to view Krista's work up close, in person. The exhibition runs through October 31, 2015.

More shots from the opening:
The plates and ink Krista used during her demo

Dan Noyes is captivated by Krista Barrett's work!

Krista Barrett herself!

Two viewers closely examine the print Krista created during the demo

Friday, October 2, 2015

Stephen Lawlor Multi-Plate Etching Demo Video - Now on YouTube!

Stephen demonstrates the use of a card to selectively remove ink

Stephen Lawlor's Multi-plate etching demo video is now live on our YouTube channel! 

This is a fabulous, detailed must-see. Stephen discusses printing methods, registration and ways of wiping the plate for multi-plate etching (plus, we think he's super charming!).

Stephen Lawlor wipes a plate

The demo video was recorded on Friday, September 4, 2015, during the opening / artist reception for Ephemera- Etchings by Stephen LawlorStephen was the first place winner of our 2013 International Juried exhibition, and this 2015 solo exhibition is part of the award New Grounds offered. 

View the video here:

Internationally renowned printmaker Stephen Lawlor provides a detailed, multi-plate etching demonstration at New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery in Albuquerque, NM.

Lawlor lives and works in Dublin, Ireland and was the 2013 International Juried Exhibition Winner at New Grounds Gallery. Lawlor's multi-plate etchings have a rich tonality similar to the lushness of traditional oil paintings and in this demonstration he shows and discusses methods for inking, wiping and printing multiple plates to produce such richness (including registration methods).

Stephen gets ready to print the second plate

Stephen demonstrates the use of acid-free tissue to remove ink from the plate