Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wayne Chinander - Relief Printmaking and Registration Demo Video Update!

Our videos are getting fancier (and more informative!).

We're excited to announce that we've updated Wayne Chinander's demo video from The Cutting Edge exhibition opening. During the reception, Wayne provided a multi-plate printing demonstration, which included a glimpse of his inking, registration and printing techniques. We caught live video of Wayne in action that night, and we turned that raw material into a newly updated video for our YouTube channel.

We combined all the separate parts, added commentary and close-ups of the prints Wayne was working on--and we've even added a little splash of tango music by local talent Q Tango!

Expect great things from our future demo videos, too. We're planning to create nice, educational (and snazzy) video footage for each of our demonstrations and we may even give new polish to some of our classic videos. We hope our new and improved video footage will inspire, motivate and inform.

Stop by our YouTube Channel to see our latest work.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Ren Adams - Art Review

Generative Forns, 2013.

New Grounds artist Ren Adams is featured in an exhibition review of work we presented at the Affordable Art Fair in New York this spring.

Blogger Christie Scheele describes the fluid layers in Adams' work: 
"It strikes me that these layered prints explore space beautifully. Within a relatively shallow space, the elements occupy varying depths and push against the edges of the paper, creating movement both outward from the sides of the picture plane as well as back behind it."
You can read Scheele's full review here:

Ren is also one of our instructors! If you're interested in learning some of her layered and hybrid printmaking techniques, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming summer classes. 

The Atomic Network - Strings, 2015

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Cutting Edge Exhibition and Wayne Chinander Relief Demo

May has just begun and we're busy with new work here at New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery.

New pieces by our relief printers spark conversations!

Our current exhibition, The Cutting Edge - Relief and Mixed Media Prints, features a rich array of relief and mixed media prints by Wayne Chinander, Manuel Lau and Tanya Landin.

Their distinctly different approaches to this centuries-old medium offer an exciting experience for art lovers!

Wayne Chinander poses in front of his reduction prints.

Viewers enjoying Wayne Chinander's new relief prints.

Wayne Chinander’s multi-plate relief prints capture the fleeting moment of a place in time. Relief printing enables him to capture the sharp juxtaposition of light and shadow.  With relief prints the non-image elements are carved away so that the remaining surface area prints the positive image.  Chinander’s first  relief prints were single plate, black and white images. As he became more interested in color and landscapes in particular, he explored working with multiple plates which were inked in separate colors and then layered to build up the image. The biggest challenge with this approach is registration which turned out to be a much steeper learning curve than Chinander anticipated. One of New Grounds former interns, Manuel Lau, was instrumental in helping Chinander get his printing problems worked out.

Wayne Chinander giving his relief printing demo to the crowd!

Wayne answers questions about relief printing.

During the show's opening reception, Wayne Chinander gave the crowd a relief printing demo.  He showed some of  his relief printing techniques, including inking, registration, multi-plate and reduction processes.

You can view our two-part video of Wayne in action on our YouTube channel!

Tanya Landin poses in front of her new series.

Tanya Landin has been New Grounds’ gallery assistant for six years and counting. Freshly graduated with her BFA, and with some technical help by Manuel Lau - the same intern who assisted Wayne Chinander - she finally completed this body of work which was started a little while ago. Originally, these images were about the continuance of life, but they transpired to become an metaphor for her life, recent life changes and all the emotions that accompany it. Her imagery incorporates the female form, the moon, feathers, and trees. This body of work evokes a sense of peace within the multitude of layers. Combining and expanding on printmaking techniques such as relief, monotype, and gravure opened up Landin’s art to a whole new level.

Tanya Landin's work in the gallery.

Viewers enjoying Tanya's rich surfaces

Stone relief prints by Manuel Lau.
Mauel Lau, born in Peru to Chinese parents and now a Canadian resident, was such a person.  A traveler of the world, Lau pursues a full-time artist career through grants, residencies and internships. He spend a three month internship at New Grounds “to learn and to share” and so he did! In addition to his intern duties he created about 30 editions of carved soapstone relief prints, and he was instrumental in helping Chinander and Landin in creating the work for this exhibition. Lau’s whimsical and figurative images are as much a traveler’s log as they are an expression of his gentle, astute and humorous spirit.

Manuel Lau's work (left)

 More shots from the opening:

Tanya Landin

Manuel Lau

Tanya Landin

Wayne Chinander's demo setup.

Admiring the work of Tanya Landin.

Wayne Chinander provides insight into relief printing.

Preparing to print.

Did you miss the First Friday reception? Don't worry. The Cutting Edge exhibition runs through May 30th, 2015.