Friday, July 16, 2010

Leonora Durrett's demonstration and opening reception!

A monotype is a one of a kind image. Leonora begins to create her monotype by brushing and brayering ink onto a poly-carbonate plate which has a drawing on the back side so she knows where to apply ink based on her first drop of color. A brayer is a small roller that allows the artist to apply an even coat of ink to the plate.

Once the plate is evenly inked she takes a paper towel to remove ink from the plate in various places. This is called “working reductively.” Note that the monotype plate does not contain any permanent information. The image is created completely out of ink. Leonora is working additively in this demonstration by adding layers of ink at different times.

Leonora hands the plate to Gallery and Workshop Assistant, Tanya, to run through the press. Leonora has already printed one color so Tanya is lining up the plate with the image already on the paper.

Leonora returns to clean the plate of any ink residue left on the plate and proceeds add yellow to the plate and more blue ink in the sky, using a brayer and brushes.

Tanya runs the plate through the press one more time adding the third layer of color.

And this is the final image!

And the aftermath!

Leonora has been with New Grounds for 14 years now and has progressed in her art-making abilities during this time. We are forever grateful for her dedication to printmaking and to New Grounds. We love your sparkly red Converses too!

Leonora was excited that we had our building painted purple just in time for her opening too!

We had a good turnout and even had a special guest! Santiago Perez, painter, came to visit the gallery. Jeff Simpson was more than ecstatic to meet him and even get a picture with him!

Thank you Bruce Childs and Jeff Simpson for photographing the event!

Thanks to all the volunteers and here are some pictures from the evening.

Leonora Durrett and Deborah Weaver

Mike Rudahl

Tanya, Gallery and Workshop Assistant and Regina Held, Director

See you all soon!