Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kathe Noe's first solo show at New Grounds was a hit

Being Kathe's first solo show, she had the honor of giving us a demonstration of the monotype process! Kathe has a great sense of humor and being a former art teacher she has a wealth of knowledge to share. Regina is introducing her to the crowd here.

Examples of monotypes Kathe has already started.

Kathe begins by applying ink to a stencil she has created of circles.
Brayers are small rollers printmakers use to apply even coats of ink to the plate. At New Grounds we use water based Akua Kolor inks.

This is a drawing that Kathe uses as a guide to make a monotype from.

She places the stencil on top of the print she had already stared. The young girls are going to help run the press for her!

Then, going back to ink up a second plate, Kathe uses a brush and ink to create a bamboo image.

And through the press one more time!

The girls are showing off Kathe's work!
Left to Right: Tanya, Gallery Assistant, Kathe Noe, Artist and Regina Held, Director

Thanks to all the volunteers and Mike Rudahl for taking the photographs!!