Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wayne Chinander - Relief Printmaking and Registration Demo Video Update!

Our videos are getting fancier (and more informative!).

We're excited to announce that we've updated Wayne Chinander's demo video from The Cutting Edge exhibition opening. During the reception, Wayne provided a multi-plate printing demonstration, which included a glimpse of his inking, registration and printing techniques. We caught live video of Wayne in action that night, and we turned that raw material into a newly updated video for our YouTube channel.

We combined all the separate parts, added commentary and close-ups of the prints Wayne was working on--and we've even added a little splash of tango music by local talent Q Tango!

Expect great things from our future demo videos, too. We're planning to create nice, educational (and snazzy) video footage for each of our demonstrations and we may even give new polish to some of our classic videos. We hope our new and improved video footage will inspire, motivate and inform.

Stop by our YouTube Channel to see our latest work.

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