Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Friday, August 2013

First Friday at New Grounds was a success! Many people came by to see the show and artist Pamela Wesolek demonstrated one of the many different printmaking techniques.
Pamela makes sure her art is hanging just right before the show.

Artists Mary Sundstrom and Kathe Noe pose with a friend between them.

A friend and artist Krista Barrett.
New Grounds artist Ryan Harris and his lovely girlfriend Taylor.
Gallery Assistant Tanya and New Grounds and Matrix artist Phil Peterson stand and have a snack in the New Grounds studio.
Artist Diane Alire and Krista Barrett in the New Grounds classroom.
Artist Jaqui Lewnes and Director Regina Held.
Artists Raul Dorn and Marilyn Dillard stand in the middle of their show Excavations in Matrix.
Pam's Demo Part 1
Pam's Demo Part 2 
Artist Susan Evans.
Don't forget to join us for the next First Friday!

Blog by Kaitlin Reese, Intern.
Photos by Kaitlin Reese and Jeff Simpson.