Friday, April 10, 2015

David Avery Etching Demo


California printmaker David Avery's solo exhibition, The Mysterious Conspiracy of Existence runs through April 25, 2015 at New Grounds Gallery. As a treat, David and has wife attended the exhibition opening and artist reception, offering a real-time demonstration of his etching technique to the crowd. He showed his approach to inking, wiping and printing and New Grounds was lucky enough to record his informative talk. 

Enjoy our two-part YouTube video feature and watch David in action!

David was kind enough to answer a number of questions posed by attendees, artists and adoring fans. 

Above: David's inking station after inking and wiping the plate. David worked with our Akua non-toxic intaglio inks. 

If you have a sweet tooth for symbolism and surrealism, and a weakness for Bruegel, Ensor, Chirico, Magritte, and the other sly fabulists of Old Europe, then David Avery’s enchanted etchings will restore your soul. Although Avery’s highly detailed etchings are inspired by myths, literature, and fairy tales, he is a master at spinning his own stories. His images reveal layer upon layer of symbolism and meaning. His work is a feast for the eye and a celebration of the etching medium. 

There's still time to visit his exhibition in person, if you get to New Grounds by April 25th.

Above: the plate David printed for our etching demonstration.