Monday, May 10, 2010

Bruce Child's solo show

This was Bruce Child’s first solo show at New Grounds! The excitement was in the air. Many people gathered for the demonstration of etching and monotypes combined.

Bruce begins by inking up the copper plate which is already etched with one of his landscapes.

He wipes the plate with tarlatan, a cheesecloth type material, to get the ink in the lines. Then he uses newsprint to wipe off the excess ink. In this photograph below he is using the palm of his hand to wipe off even more ink in certain areas that he wants to be whiter.

The he lays down the plate on the press and registers or aligns the paper so the print will be in the middle of the paper.

There is always a helping hand to run the press for the artist!

Here is the first layer of his image, the key plate.

Now he begins the monotype layer.

Bruce is using brayers to apply ink to the monotype plate. He has a drawing of the key plate underneath the monotype plate as a guide.

Here he is adding the finishing touches.

Printing….. and here is the final image!

Bruce’s niece, pictured below, took the photographs this evening! Thank you

Thank you Tanya, Gallery Assistant and Colleen, Intern, for helping at this opening!

And here is the artist of the evening, Bruce Childs!