Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March Opening by our newest interns!

Visitors came to the New Grounds Printshop’s latest opening reception to view two new shows. “Three Mexican Masters in Printmaking,” featuring colorful etchings, and “Subtle Imprints” a multimedia show, received an admiring viewership. The artworks, along with a demonstration of Intaglio printmaking techniques by Regina Held, held viewers in fascination.

- Bethany Tabor

This past Friday New Grounds had yet another successful gallery opening. Showcasing three Mexican artists in New Grounds Gallery, while also showcasing two local artists Elizabeth Fritszche and Marilyn Dillard in Matrix Fine Art. People from all over New Mexico came to support and enjoy both local and international fine art. The founder and director, Regina Held, gave a quick yet informative demo on the process of etching. It is important to share the knowledge to our community to preserve the techniques of printmaking. At New Grounds we are eager to share and engage Albuquerque in our printmaking community! Stay tuned for our next opening and weekend workshops!

-Lizzy Taber