Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lincoln Draper - Gravure Demo Video

In July, New Grounds artist Lincoln Draper gave a gravure demonstration at the exhibition opening for our three-artist gravure show, Explorations in Gravure - 19th Century Aesthetic, 21st Century Technology. The audience loved it!

Lincoln demonstrates  inking, wiping and printing a gravure plate, and also discusses exposure and image-making. 

You can view the edited video here, on the New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery YouTube channel!  Follow our channel, too, if you haven't already. We are always adding new videos. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Body and Movement - Etchings by Brian Giza, Exhibition Opening Recap

A select grouping of Giza's portrait etchings

On August 7th, 2015 (First Friday) we held an exhibition opening and artist reception for our latest show, Body and Movement - Etchings by Brian Giza. 

A master draftsman, portrait and figurative artist, Brian Giza can be found at ballet studios busily sketching the dancers as they put on their shoes, stretch and rehearse. He often works on the copper plates directly rather than sketching on paper first. An accomplished thespian and professor at UTEP, every moment in his life not teaching or performing Shakespeare is dedicated to making art. Giza’s dancers come very close in skill and expression to those of Manet.

Left - Line of Swans, drypoint on copper. Right - Landscape, etching.

Left - Tess in Lilac, 3-plate gravure. Right - Three in Snow, gravure. 

Giza says of his own work:I am a former dancer and current balletomane whose work focuses on portraits, nudes, and the environment of the ballet.  

My greatest joy in art is when I can discover, and then reveal some element of beauty to the model and to the viewer.  Because of my long association with the performing arts, capturing backstage moods, moments, and personalities is a thread that runs through my work.  

Although some may see my background in art, science, theater, and dance history as eclectic, these disciplines are actually complementary...especially when rendering the art and science of dance in the printmaking medium.  

More shots of the installation

Brian Giza also gave an excellent, live printmaking demonstration on the way he develops images on copper plates, inking and printing. Giza is fond of combining different kinds of intaglio approaches on the same individual plate surface, and he frequently returns to the same plates to continue developing the image over time.

Stay tuned for our video version of his demo! We'll be editing it and sharing it here on the blog in coming weeks.

One of Giza's rich copper plates

His inking and printing demonstration set-up

Here, Brian Giza discusses a worked copper plate with one of his models and other interested fans

Detail of the plate

Did you miss the opening reception? Don't worry. The exhibition runs August 7 - 29, 2015. 

More candids from the event: