Thursday, March 21, 2013

Adabel Allen is on PBS!

Check out this video of Adabel Allen and her artwork at:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

First Friday of March and Demo by Denise Weaver-Ross

At New Grounds and Matrix Fine Art we started March with new shows by artists Carol Mell and Denise Weaver-Ross, who later that evening gave a demo of multi-color, multi-plate printmaking.

Intern Robia and gallery assitant Tanya take a moment to pose for a photo as they greeted guests at the door.

This evening kicked off Carol Mell's first solo show at Matrix. Carol stands in front of one of her newer works on canvas. The dancer turned photographer's work is concentrated on capturing movement and light within nature.

Artist Pam Wesolek stands in the entrance of Matrix.

Guests check out work in New Grounds by Denise Weaver-Ross. Weaver-Ross's work is inspired by personal memories and geography and how both overlap and intertwine.

Denise stands with fellow artist Jackie.

Gallery assitant Tanya speaks with guests as Jackie photo-bombs the picture!

Both Carol and Denise's shows were well attended by both friends and local art enthusiasts.

Dressed in black, Director Regina Held greets and informs visitors.

Intern Karissa takes time to pose.

With an introduction from Regina, Denise begins the evening's demonstration.

Denise has in front of her two copper plates and a palate of Akua Kolor water-based inks on a locally made Takach press. She chooses colors very intentionally based on what she knows will blend nicely together.

Ink is applied to a copper plate using small squares of mat board. Denise plans where each color is placed ahead of time.

In order to neatly wipe away excess ink without blending the different colors on the copper plate too much, Denise places a phone book page over the plate and then wipes the plate with a clean tarlatan.

In intaglio printmaking paper must soak in water in order to be pressed in to the etched lines of copper.

Denise carefully registers her inked plate onto the press.

Because Denise uses two separate plates, she uses a heavy paper covered brick to hold her paper in place as she switches her first inked plate for a second plate covered in a transparent base that will give her image a beautiful finished look.

Denise shows off her finished image.

Photos taken and blog written by Kaitlin Reese, New Grounds intern.

Be sure to join us for next month's First Friday!!!