Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Year, New Works Exhibition

Viewer enjoying the new work

New woodcuts by Kendall Murakami
On January 1, 2016, New Grounds Gallery hosted our opening exhibition - New - New Works by New Grounds Members. The show featured a rich array of fresh works, completed at the very end of 2015, and most of our current members showcased pieces.

Works by Shirley Levy, Dan Noyes and Wayne Chinander

Works by Wayne Chinander (L) and Pamela Wesolek (R)
The colorful, sophisticated body of new work demonstrated a variety of traditional and experimental printmaking techniques: from relief (linocut, woodcut and reduction relief) to multi-plate etching, monotype, monoprint, mixed media and gravure.

A viewer enjoys pieces by Elaine Soto

Work by Jessica Krichels (L), Lincoln Draper (C), Ray Maseman and Knicki Markolf (R)

Pieces L-R, left wall - Bruce Carpenter, Ren Adams, Jessica Krichels
Featured artists included:
Ray Maseman, Knicki Markolf (Canada), Jorge Tristani, Jessica Krichels, Ren Adams, Lincoln Draper, Bruce Carpenter, Elaine Soto, Kendall Murakami, Jessica Weybright, Dan Noyes, Wayne Chinander, Shirley Levy, Mary Sundstrom and Pamela Wesolek.

We also rang in the new year in style!

Other shots from the exhibition:

Works by Bruce Carpenter (L), Ren Adams (R)

Our excellent intern Allison talks about Kendall Murakami's work

The gallery!

Work in the foreground, right - Jessica Weybright, Jorge Tristani

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