Friday, December 11, 2015

3rd International Juried Print Exhibition - Opening Night

Viewers crowd the 3rd International Juried Print Exhibition at New Grounds

Works by Manuel Lau, Riley Breen, Charles Barth and others!

On December 3rd, 2015, New Grounds Gallery hosted an opening reception for our 3rd International Juried Print Exhibition, which features work from more than 25 different artists from around the globe. This yearly event always offers an exciting, fresh look at the state of printmaking and is well attended by collectors, art lovers and other printmakers from our local community.

This year's exhibition drew quite a crowd and generated a lot of conversation about different printmaking methods. We are consistently impressed by the talented artists that submit work each year and it's always such a hard jury process.  

Viewers get in close to view Joh McKaig's work

Viewers admire work by Eun-ji Choi, Barbara Handler, Rosemary Mortimer and others!

One corner of the installation, including the extra pieces available in the
print rack--we wish we had room to display all of the work framed!

Work by Tonia Matthews, Olesya Dzhurayeva and Hiroko Ryusekido

The International exhibition is an exciting event for Albuquerque, as we're able to present new work to local collectors and art lovers. Some of the participants are globally recognized artists, others have the opportunity to show work for the first time in New Mexico, or in the United States, thanks to the event. The result is a talented array of ideas and techniques, rich in texture and concept.

We frame a selected piece from each artist, then have additional works on hand for buyers.

This year's group represents Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, and Estonia, Europa. 

A viewer gets in close!

Works by Judith Klugerman, Barabara Fallini Babiscia and Eun-ji Choi

Works by Aidan Flanagan , Bernadette Madden and Rozanne DiSilvestro

Works by Aidan Flanagan and Bernadette Madden

A viewer gets in close to see Peter de Leur's piece; to the left is Hyejeong Kwon, Manuel Lau,
Riley Breen, Charles Barth, John McKaig and Anais Gerber

The artists worked in a diverse array of printmaking techniques, including mezzotint, waterless lithography, etching, linocut, serigraphy, monotype, drypoint, collagraph, stone lithography and mixed printmaking with chine colle. 

Work by Hyejeong Kwon, Peter de Leur and Reti Saks

Rozanne di Silverstro and Judith Klugerman

If you missed our opening reception, don't worry! We will be sharing videos of the installation, plus all of the work is viewable online on our 3rd International Juried Print Exhibition web page. 

Because the exhibition features so many artists, we'll be sharing highlights here on the blog and on Facebook all month. We'll also be sharing videos of the installation for those who would like to see it, but can't make the journey to our space.

More shots from opening night:

Kim Miro, Aidan Flanagan, Bernadette Madden, Rozanne di Silvestro

The diversity of prints drew many visitors


Pazzta Tali said...

I still can't get over this great place I recently visited! This isn't only a good place. It is also one of the best around here. There isn't a listing of the unique offerings, although there should be! The venues in Chicago were magnificent!

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