Thursday, January 15, 2009

Review of Holiday Sale

The Holiday Sale was wonderful! There was art covering all of the tables in the whole building!

Many people were shopping for others and some were shopping for themselves.

Ray Maseman brought his family to do some holiday shopping for their family and friends. Here is a picture of Maggie. I think she might be saying loudly, “Do you want this?!”

There was plenty of hot cider to go around and people were having a great time!

The Jewels portfolio was on display for a month. This portfolio contains 24 multi-colored images by members of New Grounds Print Workshop. All pieces were done with non-toxic methods - most of them were printed with water-based inks. The purpose of this portfolio was to create jewel-like limited edition prints. Each image had to be composed with two or more color plates, although chine collé could be used in place of a plate. The images vary from realistic to abstract, and from minimal single plate/chine collé combinations to complex mixed media approaches. This exhibition has been donated to the UNM Childrens Hospital.

Many thanks to all those who volunteered. Pictures are: Kathe Noe who is greeting and Jorge Tristani who is checking out people who are purchasing art.

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