Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Members Show

The New Year brought in many new faces and art to the gallery. This was the last day of the holiday sale and people were excited to see the great prices for the art on the tables!

Denise Weaver-Ross is an artist here and volunteered to check out people who were buying art. She was busy all night.

New Members of the gallery got to talk with each other and to others about their art process. Here is Brian Giza and Dale Zomerhuis chatting away.

Kathe Noe had no problem talking with people about her art-making process.

Bruce Childs got to give a demonstration on gravure and monotype. He was not feeling well that night but gave a beautiful demo. That people enjoyed.

Art enthusiasts were everywhere. Rob Thalmann and an admirer of his work were having a good discussion about his gravure prints.

Thanks to all who volunteered and those who came to the gallery. It was a great night!

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