Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Making of Landscapes, Jacqui Lewnes' solo show

Jacqui Lewnes Stands in front of one of New Grounds' presses in preparation for her demonstration.
I am not alone in saying that I am very proud of Jacqui and admire her as an artist and as a person. Jacqui overcame many hardships with grace, perseverance, and a great sense of humor while creating beautiful, ethereal, and emotional monotype landscapes of New Mexico for her solo show this month at New Grounds.

Jacqui gives us a "serious and thoughtful" pose in front of two of her pieces. A great example of her playful personality.

Selfie time! Gallery Assitant Tanya, myself, and Jacqui take a quick photo together during the show.

In additon to Jacqui's show David Welch and his wife Cynthia Winster had a spectacular show in the Matrix gallery. David (in purple) speaks with a student and her parent in the front studio in New Grounds.

Director Regina Held stands with our new intern Jessica Carr near the entrance greeting guests as they arrive.

New Grounds artist and Local Treasure Mary Sundstrom leans against the press and speaks with a visitor.

A guest admires the work done by New Grounds artist and Serigraph instuctor Ren Adams

Former member and current art model Mike Rudal and his wife Wendy arrive to see Jacqui's show.

Guests gather in Matrix to take in work by David Welch and Cynthia Winster.

A crowd gathers to watch Jacqui's monotype demonstration. To watch the demo please click the links at the bottom of the page.

Photos and Blog by Kaitlin Reese, New Grounds intern.

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