Saturday, June 28, 2014

Carved- A group exhibition of relief artists

 Wayne Chinander gave his first ever demonstration at New Grounds for our June opening! We were happy to have him represent the workshop and to show our guests the process of printing a relief block.
 A relief block is either wood or linoleum that an artist carves away and leaves the image on the raised surfaces of the plate. You can see above that Wayne carved away the face and left the linoleum untouched in the black areas.

 He has brayers (rollers) that are used to apply the ink onto the surface of the linoleum block.

 Now Wayne has moved to teh press to print the block onto a sheet of paper.

 Here is the final (upside down) image. He had some pressure issues which can be fixed so he gets solid black in the areas that were not carved away.

 Kaitlin Resse, our intern, exhibited several of her wood and linoleum cuts as seen above.
 Jeff Simpson brought along his girlfriend to see the show.

 And here is Wayne Chinander with the prints that were on display.

 Tanya Landin, Gallery and Workshop Assistant
Many thanks to our volunteers who came out to make this opening a success!

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