Saturday, September 26, 2009

Print Collector's Club! Join today! :)

Art You Can Afford!!!

Become a member of the New Grounds Print Collector’s Club and receive four original, limited edition prints - valued at $ 200 or more each - for only $ 400. NM sales tax and shipping, if applicable, is not included in this amount.

The first image will be published in November (and rumors have it that it is an etching by Ray Maseman). The other prints will be available in three month intervals. Each piece will be created specifically for the Print Collector’s Club.

Sign up before November 1 and join the Print Collector’s Club for only $ 380!

The tradition of the Collector’s Club
Most printshops around the world offer this kind of service which is cherished by art collectors. Part of the appeal is the surprise – the collector does not know whose work they will be receiving. They trust that the workshop will make the absolute best selections for them.

The artwork
New Grounds Gallery has an incredible talented and widely exhibited stable of artists from which to choose from. In addition, some of the published artists will be selected from New Grounds’ sister gallery, Matrix Fine Art. The selected artist will create a work of art in the same style and subject matter that we have come to expect from them. The images sizes will vary, but the minimum image size will be 12 x 9.” Some images will be printed in black and white, some in color.

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