Friday, October 10, 2008

Getting to know Mary Sundstrom

About three months ago I started working here and Regina recommended that I take the Gravure class to get me acquainted with the process and to learn more about working with water-based inks. Before coming here I had only used oil-based inks. I had met Mary briefly before taking this class and she happened to be taking it as well.
Throughout the week long class Mary and I became more acquainted. She is a parent of three children who are all grown-up now. I told her that I have a two and a half year old (at the time, he is now almost three). Mary is a nurturing person. Whenever I was tired she would offer to make me coffee, or when I needed a chocolate fix she gave me her Snickers bar (my favorite)! I came to find out that she taught the monotype class at New Grounds also.
During the class we were instructed to draw on mylar or artex, I have never enjoyed drawing so much and Mary told me to just keep practicing, that I would get it down. She is patient with her students, her art, and the people around her. After the class ended she began to work on her solo show. Whenever I came to work she was at the studio diligently working on her art. This was impressive for me to see and I think I need to be more diligent about making my art as well.
Mary’s show went well on Friday night and I’m glad her hard work paid off. Many friends and family showed up to support her at the opening, her pet fish were there to support her too! They will be living at the gallery for the month and I think it is nice to know where some of her inspiration comes from.


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