Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Grounds Holiday Print Sale through January 4, 2008

Every December through January New Grounds gears up for our annual print sale, where our aritsts lay out proofs, odds, ends, and everything they might want to offer up at a discount: $25-$125 dollars, to be exact. This year is no exception, indeed it's one of our best and broadest sales to date, with piles of work from almost every New Grounds artist.

Full to the gills we are, but the merchandise is moving fast. Perfect for the holiday season, the sale gives you the chance to buy an original work of art for everyone on your list. Or, maybe you will find a chance to simply improve your print collection.

But be warned: no one leaves empty handed from the New Grounds Holiday Print Sale. There are too many wonderful prints, from tiny to titanic, to pass up.

The sale runs through the First Friday opening on January 4, 2008. Get here before then!

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