Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Grounds Print Workshop and Gallery

Founded in 1996 by its director, Regina Held, New Grounds Print Workshop is an award-winning printmaking facility offering classes and affordable studio access to artists who wish to create original prints in etching, mezzotint, collagraph, monotype, relief and photogravure. It was the first completely non-toxic professional printmaking facility established in the United States. Artists can rent an etching press by the hour, or choose the studio membership, which is only $ 175 a month with a twelve month contract. Benefits of the membership are unlimited access - during hours of operation - to the six printing presses and any other equipment needed for the creation of prints. It also includes most printmaking supplies, such as ink and newsprint. Basically, artists rent a clean, ready-to-work, fully equipped studio complete with supplies and knowledgeable staff. New Grounds artists are part of a supportive and thriving community – something that is impossible to put a price tag on. Last, but not least, studio members are represented by New Grounds Gallery.

New Grounds originally operated on a private property in Albuquerque’s rural South Valley, beginning with only one printing press. It moved to its current location in Albuquerque’s historic Nob Hill district in 2000. In 2001, the workshop added a separate gallery and a spacious class room. The printmaking facility and exhibition space now occupy 4000 square feet in an art complex which also houses several artists’ studios and another contemporary gallery, MATRIX Fine Art. With six hand-operated etching presses, New Grounds matches, and even surpasses, the number of printing presses available in many university printmaking departments.

New Grounds Gallery rotates exhibitions monthly, with receptions coinciding with Albuquerque’s popular First Friday Artscrawls. More than 60 artists are represented by the gallery, printmakers whose subject matters and styles range from contemporary to traditional. There are hundreds of framed and unframed works to choose from.
New Grounds also offers framing at reasonable rates. New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery is open to the public and trained staff is always at hand to explain the printing processes to visitors.

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